About us

Activities practiced outdoor and active tourism have always distinguished Piedmont, a unique territory for its variety of landscapes ranging from the mountains to the hills, from lakes and rivers to the plain and its rice fields, with areas that are still pristine and little known even to the residents. This variety is accompanied by the opportunity to practice various outdoor activities all year round, suitable for the needs of those who love doing activities outside in the fresh air, in an authentic setting – places outside the mainstream – and sustainability – slow tourism, with a low impact on the environment and on the local communities.

The project is the result of the joint work between VisitPiemonte (*), Unioncamere Piemonte and the provincial Chambers of Commerce, with the Regione Piemonte and the Piedmontese Local Tourist Agencies (ATL) – in the steering committee of the “Outdoor Commission” –.

Piemontescape aims to become the reference portal for all enthusiasts of outdoor activities (tourists, visitors, residents) who want to discover the variety of offers in our territory, surrounded by very diverse landscapes. In this perspective, this is a continually evolving project and will soon be expanded with new activities and experience that are abundant in Piedmont.

(*) in house companies of Regione Piemonte and Unioncamere Piemonte for the tourist and agri-food development of the territory.

The "Piemontescape" portal was created by the desire of the people involved in the "Piemonte Outdoor Commission" project, as shown below: