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His Majesty the round and gentle hazelnut

Cortemilia (34,70 km)
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This route is of medium difficulty with a steep initial stretch, a flat middle section along hill crests, and a downhill last part. It is recommended for fit amateur cyclists. It is a round route that begins and ends in Cortemilia, considered the home town of the 'Tonda Gentile' (Round and Sweet) hazelnut of the Langa - and the delicious cakes made from them! The initial part of the route is towards Bergolo and is the steepest. Bergolo is a lovely little historical village almost entirely built of traditional Langa stone and is one of those places that can't be missed during a tour of the Alta Langa (High Langa) region.

After Bergolo, the road is downhill towards Levice, then uphill again to Prunetto. This little village is worth a pit-stop to rest the legs and admire its castle, the wonderful sanctuary and surrounding lawn, plus magnificent views. The second section of the route is a gentle descent towards Cortemilia through Uzzone valley, some wild countryside with very little evidence of agricultural modification. This is where most of the groves of the 'Tonda Gentile' hazel are to be found, within the areas of Castelletto Uzzone and Pezzolo Valle Uzzone. The last few kilometres take the cyclist back towards Cortemilia down a more steeply descending road.



Points of interest



Cortemilia: historical Centre, Church of Santa Maria, Ecomuseum of Terracing in High Langa, Church of San Francesco.

Bergolo: historical centre with the stone houses, Church of San Sebastiano.

Levice: Church of San Rocco.

Prunetto: Castle of Prunetto, Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine.

Castelletto Uzzone: Cascina Crocetta.

Pezzolo Valle Uzzone: Todocco Sanctuary.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
12074 Cortemilia (CN)
districts passed through
Bergolo, Castelletto Uzzone, Cortemilia, Levice, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, Prunetto

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