The Monti della Luna roads

da Cesana Torinese a Claviere (17,70 km)
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The Monti della Luna road network is closely connected to the adjacent Val Thuras and originates from a complex of no less than eight military roads:       

- The Bousson-Lago Nero-Col Bousson road
- The S.S. 24 - Grange Sagna Longa - Cresta Rascià road
- The Sagna Longa-Fonte Tana-Lago Nero road
- The Rocca Clarì-Sagna Longa road
- The Fonte Tana-Chabaud road
- The Ruilles-Chabaud-Colle Begino road
- The Chabaud-Giaissez road
- The Bousson-Rouilles road
- The Rouilles-Ponte Ciatagnera road

In the Monti della Luna area alone, the various itineraries amount to a total of approximately 60 km of natural surface roads, with the possibility of departures and arrivals from Cesana as well as from Claviere, using the SS.24 as the return road. The highest point is at Colle Bercia, at approximately 2230 metres, with an elevation gain of 1000 metres from Cesana and 800 from Bousson.
Lago Nero (2010 m) is at the centre of the route, with the mountain pasture above and a constantly changing landscape: from the coniferous forests to the almost lunar panorama of the stretch below Serra Granet, with an amazing passage overlooking the Chaberton below Rocca Clarì between La Coche and Sagna Longa.
Val Thuras is connected to the Bousson Lago Nero road by a bridge and a road that reaches Fonte Tana.

The entire route is also open to 4x4 vehicles, albeit with heavily rutted ground in many stretches at high altitude.

A toll system similar to that of Valle Argentera is planned.

Other information

The entire route is also open to off-road vehicles, though the ground is badly many of the high-altitude sections.

A toll system like that of the Argentera Valley is being planned. 

Points of interest

The Monti della Luna area between the Chenaillet Massif in France and the Cresta della Luna on Cesana-Claviere is extraordinarily beautiful and of great geological significance. Like the entire Cesana basin, in the years between 1930 and 1939 it underwent an enormous defensive activity with the construction of a huge number of Alpine Wall works for which a network of military roads and mule tracks were built, which are still almost all practicable.
Several more modern sections are included in this network, linking ski-lifts and the Strada delle Cave di Marble Verde ("Road of the Green Marble Quarries"), which from Fontana Dalmà re-enters Cesana, between Cesana and Bousson.
An entirely natural roadway complex that originates from a series of closely intersecting military roadways and which still provides the main function of serving mountain pastures, mountain huts, permanent and second homes, especially in the Sagna Longa area.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10054 Cesana Torinese (TO)
see on map
10050 Claviere (TO)
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