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Alta Via dell'Anfiteatro Morenico of Ivrea: Stage 1 Andrate - Lago di Bertignano

da Andrate a Viverone (22,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

Take via del Cimitero from the square towards the town centre. At the crossroads with the Oratory of S. Rocco, turn left into via delle Alpi and climb up along the main path, leaving the deviation for the Curera/Favà/Micelun regions and then the one for Favà on the left. A little further on, take the path to the right and, after a few metres, leave the flat path for the one that leads to the crest. Follow the signposts and you will come out on an asphalt road that ends near some repeaters. From here, continue along the path that leads to Passo di Croce Serra. From here, go straight on along the SP73d1 in the direction of Sala Biellese. At the end of the castle wall follow the path that runs parallel to the asphalt road. When you reach the Torre della Bastia, continue along Passo dell'Oca and reach the crossroads near Roc Basariund, where you continue ahead along the ridge with a straight, pseudo-flat path. You then cross the dirt track that connects Torrazzo with Broglina until, at the end of the track, you descend on the trail to the right until you meet a cart track on which you will proceed to the left.

In Magnano you can leave the main itinerary and, taking the road to the left for Piverone, go along the new variant along the western shore of Lago Viverone as far as Cossano Canavese-Masino (see stage 1a).

At km 11.93, take the diversion that leads to some repeaters and, without reaching them, take the flat path on the right that ends near the Telecom Tower on the SS 338 main road. Cross it and take the path that is also marked as "S2". It leads to the Cugnello shrine and then passes the Ròch dal Basu. After passing a repeater, take the asphalt road downhill. Carry straight on at the stop sign. The road climbs again and ends in front of a gate where you take the track that branches off to the left. Continue towards Doppia Serra and then you reach via Magnano di Zimone. Descend to the left (trail sign "GTB") and then take the path to the right that leads to the church of S. Grato. Pass in front of it and then take the dirt road that leads to the SP400. Go down to the right towards Zimone and, after passing via Roma, turn right onto via Viverone (SP414). After half a kilometre, the road becomes natural terrain, passing the locality of Sette Fontane, and comes out on the asphalt road that runs alongside Lago Bertignano.

Other information

Itinerary code: AMI
Phone coverage: partial
Recommended period: May-October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Biella Valsesia Vercelli, Torino

Notes on public transport

Andrate is served by public transport From the Lake of Bertignano in about 20 minutes on foot you arrive in Viverone where there are public transport connections.
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10010 Andrate (TO)
see on map
Strada Lago Bertignano
Lago di Bertignano
13886 Viverone (BI)
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http://www.ecomuseoami.it/ http://www.anfiteatromorenicoivrea.it/ http://www.lagodiviverone.org/it/map/wrap/?layer=statictrack
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