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La Prevostura

Lessona (22,00 km)
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The hill between Lessona and  Masserano offers a wonderful landscape nestled amongst  the vines and crossed by dirt roads well suited to mountain biking. The proposed itinerary, which name derives from that of an old farmhouse immersed in the vineyards  - of which only a few ruins remain today - winds for more than 20 km through woods, vineyards, pastures and ancient villages, very suggestive from  a scenic point of view .

From the center of Lessona head towards the vineyards and the woods along the Rio della Valle,  then uphill  to Prevostura, where you reach and go past  the Osterla stream and continue towards Masserano and its villages; hence the return to Lessona. The total difference in vertical height is 450 meters, the longest climb is 600 meters and the maximum slope with a gradient of 18%.

The Gran fondo -  la Prevostura ,  one of the most important Piedmontese  and national competitive MTB  events is held over a 45km track in October,  included in the Coppa Piemonte MTBike circuit.


Points of interest

Production area of the DOC wines of Biella Lessona, Bramaterra and Coste della Sesia. Farms for purchases and tastings

All tourist information on the Local Tourist Office of the Biella area - ATL Biella


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Departure and arrival
via Masserano, 2
13853 Lessona (BI)
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