UNESCO Grand Tour by Bicycle

A ring of 600 km which touches the UNESCO-listed landscapes

UNESCO Grand Tour by Bicycle (arch 2) - From Biella to Casale Monferrato: between the Sacred Mounts of Oropa and Varallo, the hills of the Upper Piemonte and the plains between the Sesia and Po rivers

da Biella a Casale Monferrato (186,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The itinerary starts from Biella Railway station (connected with Novara-Milano and Torino with a change in Santhià, where continues up to Rosazza following the valley of the Cervo stream through Miagliano, Sagliano Micca, Balma, Oretto e Campiglia Cervo. From here, through the Galleria Rosazza and passing by the Sanctuary of San Giovanni d’Andorno, the road leads directly to Oropa (13 km, 600 m of ascent and 300 m of descent) on the Panoramica Zegna road through the Piaro hamlet and the mountain village of Sassaia up to Bocchetto Sessera. Here the dirt road descends into the wild valley of the Sassera e Dolca streams, and then climb up to to the Bocchetta della Boscarola, overlooking the Valsesia valley. After 2,5 km of dirt road you get to the paved road (with the possibility to reach the Alpe Mera, 3 km and 200 m of ascent) that descent to Scopello along the Sesia river passing through the oratorio di San Bernardo. The itinerary continues along the valley passing through Scopa, Balmuccia and the suspension bridge of Balangera to Varallo, where it is possible to admire the magnificent frescoed of the chapel of the Madonna di Loreto. Here you find the first connection to Verbania through the Colma Pass and the Lake Orta in Omegna (46 km, 900 m ascent and 650 descent). The itinerary continues to Borgosesia towards the bridge of Agnona and Santa Maria Montrigone. From here it is possible to take a second road to Verbania, which is most recommended because leads to the Lake Orta and the UNESCO Sacred Mount of Orta (55 km). The main itinerary goes on to Grignasco and Romagnano Sesia, following the Sesia river through the dirty banks and under the infrastructural corridor of the A4 Highway and the High Speed railway line near by the Cavour Canal to reach the San Nazzaro Sesia Abbey. From here you find another connection to Novara, crossing Casalbeltrame and along the banks of the Cavour Canal (25 km) through the rural landscapes described by the writer Sebastiano Vassalli. Heading south along the left side of the river, crossing the Lame del Sesia Park (togli virgola) you reach the city of Vercelli (connections with Milano, Torino and Pavia) on the Via Francigena route. Going south towards Asigliano with the rice fields landscape, you find Morano Po and from there, following the left side of the Po river, you reach Casale Monferrato (connections with Alessandria and Torino with a train change in Chivasso). From Casale it is possible to reach Alessandria by bike passing along the Po river and the historic city centre of Valenza (45 km, 320 m ascent, 300 descent).

Points of interest

Sagliano Micca 
Sanctuary of San Giovanni d’Andorno  
Campiglia Cervo
Bocchetto Sessera  
Alpe di Mera
Lago d’Orta
Romagnano Sesia
Abbey of Saints Nazario and Celso
Cavour Canal
Lame del Sesia Park
Casale Monferrato


Biella Creative City Craft & Folk arts
Mount Sacre of Oropa
Mount Sacre of Orta
Mount Sacre of Varallo
Geoparco Sesia Valgrande
MAB Ticino Val Grande Verbano Reserve

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
frazione Oropa
13900 Biella (BI)
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15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)
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