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Grande Traversata delle Langhe (GTL) by mountain bike - Stage 9: Bossolasco-Serravalle Langhe

da Bossolasco a Serravalle Langhe (6,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

A short stretch on the ridge that leads from the village of roses to Serravalle Langhe, from where you can connect to the Langa del Barolo and the Bar to Bar route.

Bossolasco is commonly called the "village of roses". In fact, this enchanting village is decorated with hundreds of climbing roses that cling to the stone walls of the houses, like a veil to a bride.

Goings out towards Serravalle and Alba, you cannot miss a stop at the famous Fontana Azzurra (Blue Fountain) and then, shortly afterwards, leave the provincial road, take a left at the crossroads, which descends on to a dirt road, first going gently through the fields, and then into the woods until you reach the deep ravine, after that you climb up to the sunny fields towards the beautiful country chapel of San Lorenzo. Here you turn right and then immediately left, on the paved road into Pratonoero, then climb up towards Serravalle Langhe, going right at the first dirt road crossroads, right again after a couple of kilometres on a paved road and, finally, uphill on the state road at the entrance to the village.

As the name of the place explains well, the village is placed to guard the main ridge road, as well as one of the passes that from Cravanzana/Feisoglio crosses it, towards Cissone/Dogliani. It is located, therefore, at the crossroads of an ancient crossroads of strategic commercial and military importance. Once equipped, for this reason, with a well-armed fortress (of which only a few bases, wells and basements remain), the compact and well maintained village stands on a higher hill, dominating, from the top of its 762 metres, a beautiful section of the Langa. The village, having lost its mighty castle, retains only the beautiful town hall and, above all, the Oratory of San Michele (12th century) with late 15th century frescoes and a remarkable sandstone rose window. The magnificent view of the Alps from Via Belvedere is not to be missed.

A visit to the hamlet of Villa is recommended (where the second housing unit of the village stood, the first was on the Belbo of Roman origin) with the partisan command remembered by a plaque on the first house, and the beautiful little church of San Michele Arcangelo with its Romanesque apse and Baroque façade. It is also worth a visit to the hamlet of Bossolaschetto at the beginning of the route, where the solitary church of Santa Maria Maddalena remains one of the most intimate and open places of the whole Belbo Valley.

From Serravalle Langhe it is possible to continue towards Albaretto della Torre or take the alternative path which, passing through Cerretto Langhe, Arguello and Lequio Berria, re-joins the main ring at Benevello. If you wish to return to the wine hills of the Langa then continue from Serravalle towards Roddino, crossing the territory of Cissone, re-joining the Bar to Bar trail from Barbaresco - Barolo that crosses the centre of the Langa vineyards.

Points of interest

Bossolasco, the Village of Roses: Church of the Madonna della Mellea, Serravalle Langhe: Oratory of San Michele Arcangelo, Church of Santa Maria Vergine Assunta, Palazzo Marchionale.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Umberto I
12060 Bossolasco (CN)
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Piazza Municipio
12050 Serravalle Langhe (CN)
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