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Grande Traversata delle Langhe: Stage 2B from Pezzolo Valle Uzzone to the Sanctuary of Todocco

Pezzolo Valle Uzzone (5,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

The route, a GTL variant in the direction of Todocco, winds along a little used asphalt road, allowing you to enjoyone of the most representative villages of Altra Langa and to reach a Sanctuary, a religious and panoramic place that has always been in the heart of the inhabitants of the area.

The little village of Pezzolo Valle Uzzone lies along the left bank of the Uzzone, on a slight spur to protect it from floods. A walk is highly recommended to immerse yourself in this last secret valley of the Langhe, among woods and fairytale villages, lost castles and romantic ruins. In Pezzolo, the main street is almost the perfect archetype of the fortified village with the houses rocking on the carriage roads, the sandstone portals, the flowered windows and the plaques of those who have given lustre to this land... in short, fill your nostrils and eyes with this miraculous village set on the meadows of the Uzzone acting as a guide for the valley. If you love retreats, then not far away in the open countryside of San Rocco in Carpaneta is the only little church overlooking the river and the rock over it instead of welcoming worshippers from the road.

From the village of Pezzolo you go up the slope that leads to Torre Uzzone, skirting the Rio Torre Uzzone before and the Rio Grosso after. Torre Uzzone was a municipality until the end of the 20's when, due to the increasing depopulation, it was united to Gorrino becoming, in fact, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone (the valley village was already divided in half between the two municipalities). If you look for Torre today the depopulation is even more evident as it is reduced to a few farmsteads scattered around the ruins of the abbey, today recovered with taste and a pleasant style by a Swiss family. What remains, then, of this ancient village that was already mentioned in the legacy of Bonifacio del Vasto around the year 1000?

One of the most fascinating cemeteries of all the Langhe remains, with the few tombstones still walled up on the boundary stones that tell stories of a century ago. Or the ruins, now reduced to the perimeter of the ancient castle and the tower that gave its name to the place, or the ruins that lie on the opposite side, immersed for centuries in the woods again. Nobody knows what happened and why the place was abandoned, but it certainly happened in medieval times, because its traces were already lost in the 14th century.

From Torre Uzzone we continue along the uphill road that reaches the Sanctuary of Todocco, a place of historical interest situated in a particularly panoramic area, where a lodging, restaurant and bar has heroically resisted for the joy of all visitors. Here we are right on the ridge between Piedmont and Liguria, where the eye lingers for a long time over the distant villages and towards the opposite fortified centre of Gorrino, situated exactly to close the road to and from the sea, and therefore a strategic place of the lords of Cortemilia for centuries.

Points of interest

Pezzolo Valle Uzzone : Santuario del Todocco

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Roma
12070 Pezzolo Valle Uzzone (CN)
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Piazza Santuario Todocco
12070 Pezzolo Valle Uzzone (CN)
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