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Giro del Marguareis: Stage 2 Garelli Refuge - Mondovì Refuge Havis De Giorgio

da a (4,53 km)
Highlights and tour details

Right in front of the terrace of Garelli Refuge (1966 m), an obvious trail branches off to the east, crossing the grassy area of Pian del Lupo. The trail climbs the valley between grass and rocks, keeping initially to the left side, and then after skirting a rocky area moves left. After having climbed a long hump, the trail moves to the right side and meanders across undulating grassy slopes. The numerous tracks, also created by the grazing animals, make the identification of the correct route a little complicated: with a view turns and without any excessive problems, you quickly reach the vast and grassy saddle of Porta Sestrera (or Passo di Lapassè, 2228 m, 0:50 mins from the Garelli Refuge). Practically on the pass, ignore the light track that branches to the left towards Lake delle Moie, and you start to descend on the slope of the Ellero Valley. Here, too, you descend between rounded grassy humps. Having left to the right, a first fork for Colle del Pas, you continue to descend guided by trailsign poles, keeping to the right of the deep stream impluvium, until you enter a second trail headed for Colle del Pas coming from the Mondovì Havis De Giorgio Refuge. Follow it to the left, traversing diagonally across meadow slopes, high above the basin of Lake Biecai. After having passed a small stream, with a short uphill stretch you arrive at an inconspicuous fork at several ruins. Disregard the left-hand track for Lake delle Moie and continue. Now you will circumnavigate the entire basin of Lake Biacai half way down the slope, touching other ruins, and reaching the narrow passage known as Porta Biecai (2004 m). With progressively wider bends, you descend quite steeply from the rocky rampart that closes the basin of Lake Biecai and you enter the Rio Ciappa Valley. With a long slightly downhill traverse, on the orographic right of the valley, the trail cuts across meadows and marshy areas (but on suitably paved ground), dense patches of rhododendrons and other shrubs. Once around the northern foothills of Punta Havis De Giorgio, the trail inverts the sense of direction and descends in a few minutes to the Mondovì Havis De Giorgio Refuge (1755 m, 1:05  from Porta Sestrera). 

Other information

Itinerary code: GDM
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

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