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Percorsi Occitani: Stage 9 Borgata Chiappera - Borgata Chialvetta

Acceglio (14,87 km)
Highlights and tour details

Chiappera is the turning point of the itinerary. Leave behind the quartzitic complex of Rocca Castello - Provenzale, the vertiginous drop of the Cascate di Stroppia (waterfall) and take the path on the right, just beyond the cemetery, a hillside that runs along the artificial lake of Saretto reaches the Sorgenti del Maira and climbs, in the thick larch wood to the Ciarbonet hill (2206 m). It is worth the effort for the view from the grassy pass. The descent into the valley of Unerzio retraces an ancient military road which, with wide bends among the pastures, reaches the beautiful granges of Mezzagliera, which have been recently restructured, and further down the valley the characteristic villages of Viviere, Pratorotondo and Chialvetta connected by an ancient path known as "la Scurcio", equipped with thematic information panels and is pleasant to walk along.

Points of interest

Maira Springs and Swiss Mountain Pine wood (SIC area)

Support points

Hotel LOCANDA MISTRAL * * *Borgata Ponte Maira, 26 - ACCEGLIO0171-99090 / 349-1710961info@damistral.it - www.damistral.it Room rental Restaurant Pizzeria VISAISA TAVERNA & FORESTERIA Borgata Saretto, 6 - ACCEGLIO 0171-99054 tavernavisaisa@gmail.com Holiday farm Bar Restaurant LA PROVENZALE – MARIA BAR & RISTORO Fraz. Chiappera, 20 - ACCEGLIO 340-4913936 laprovenzalechiappera@gmail.com, barmariachiappera@libero.it - www.laprovenzalechiappera.it Hiking refuge LA SCUOLA DI CHIAPPERA Borgata Chiappera 78 - ACCEGLIO 334-7670616 info@lascuoladichiappera.com - www.lascuoladichiappera.com Hiking refuge RIFUGIO CAMPO BASE Borgata Chiappera SN - ACCEGLIO 334-8416041 info@campobaseacceglio.it - www.campobaseacceglio.it Room rental LE CASCATE Borgata Chiappera 53 - ACCEGLIO 348-2669525, 348-2669515, 380-5238945 lecascatechiappera@libero.it - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Affittacamere B&B CHIAPPERA ** Borgata Chiappera - ACCEGLIO 342-1341021 pierpaolo.maero@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/B_B Campeggio CAMPO BASE* Borgata Chiappera SN - ACCEGLIO 334-8416041 info@campobaseacceglio.it - www.campobaseacceglio.it Equipped areas CAMPEGGIARE SENZA FRONTIERE Località Cascate di Stroppia- ACCEGLIO 348-7391356 perino.campeggiosenzafrontiere@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Campeggi Mountain refuge RIFUGIO DI VIVIERE Borgata Viviere 3 - ACCEGLIO 0171-1936074 / 340-7447937 info@rifugiodiviviere.com - www.rifugiodiviviere.com Trattoria Room rental - GTA Stage stop-off point OSTERIA DELLA GARDETTA Borgata Chialvetta, 12 - ACCEGLIO 0171-99017 - FAX 0171-99051 info@lascurcio.it - www.lascurcio.it Hotel LA LOCANDA DI CHIALVETTA*** Borgata Chialvetta 18 - ACCEGLIO 0171-995120 / 345-1678156 info@locandadichialvetta.com - www.locandadichialvetta.com


Acceglio can be reached with your own means of transport or with the bus departing from Cuneo www.benese.it/orari-bus. There is also a 24-hour taxi service with baggage transport active all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 100%
Recommended period: June - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Frazione Chiappera
12021 Acceglio (CN)
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Frazione Chialvetta
12021 Acceglio (CN)
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