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Cammino di Don Bosco: Stage 5 Tetti Chiaffredo - Colle Don Bosco

da Arignano a Castelnuovo Don Bosco (16,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

Near Cascina Rivolasso, cross the provincial road SP Moncucco-Arignano and take the road that goes slightly downhill towards the stream. Continue as far as the meeting with the road that takes from the hamlet of Barbaso to Mombello di Torino. Crossed the road, descend towards the valley floor along a stream. The road becomes paved and you reach Cascina Moglia. From here, continue for approx. 3300 m and then turn right at Cascina Rivolasso. You meet the route that arrives from Moncucco Torinese. Continue straight on, as far as the open space close to a crossroads where you will go straight on along the road that becomes a small trail. Continue as far as the crossroads with another road that leads to the Country Church of San Rocco. Continue on, until it meets provincial road SP119 that from Moriondo Torinese takes to Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Continue on the road for approx. 100 m where it turns towards Castelnuovo close to the Croce Rossa premises. After 2 km, you meet the provincial road that from Castelnuovo leads to Buttigliera d’Asti. Turn right, cross the provincial road and take a road that goes slightly downhill and follows the course of the Valley stream. It deviates along a shared access road and goes up towards Serra of Buttigliera d’Asti. Turn left and cross the village. Continue to Cascina Mainito, which has become a riding school. Continue for 300 m as far as provincial road SP33 for Capriglio. Turn left, and follow it for a short section. Take the trail that goes up towards the Colle.

Other information

Source: Ente di Gestione delle Aree Protette del Po e della Collina Torinese
Itinerary code: CDB
Recommended period: All year round
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Langhe Monferrato e Roero, Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Strada Provinciale 121, 8
Tetti Chiaffredo
10020 Arignano (TO)
see on map
Frazione Morialdo, 30
Colle Don Bosco
14022 Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT)
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