Anello Ceronda: Stage 4 Borgata Lucco - Cascina San Giovanni

da Val della Torre a La Cassa (17,24 km)
Highlights and tour details

Departing from the village of Lucco (620 m) continue on track no. 001 to the village of Castello and follow the ordinary road network for a short distance. At the village of Borlera take track no. 001A and, after Ciaine, continue north on track no. 002B reaching Case Fontanabruna (849 m). Continuing north along track no. 002 you will find track no. 010 which, turning right, leads up the hillside to Bassa delle Sette (1158 m) from where, turning north, you will soon reach the Madonna della Neve Chapel. Here you are within the protected area due to the presence of the Euphorbia Gibelliana plant and you can enjoy a splendid panorama towards the Turin plain and all of La Mandria Park.

Tracks no. 010 and then no. 010C lead downhill above the village of Givoletto at the beginning of the dirt road to Costa Crest. Firstly, you go down to Santa Maria Ausiliatrice (554 m) and then, following no. 005B, to the village of Rivasacco (402 m). Track no. 005 crosses the provincial road and on the dirt road you arrive in the Pralungo area. Then, following track no. 006A, again on a dirt road, you end the stage at the Cascina San Giovanni holiday farm (362 m), or you can reach the nearby village of La Cassa where there are other accommodation facilities. You will be near the entrance to La Mandria Park where you will find the eclectic Castle of the Bizzaria and it is therefore possible to enrich your experience with a tour of the park both on foot and by bicycle.

Support points

B&B “Antica Quercia” Via Bussoneis 48, 10040 Val della Torre x +39 011 9681208 sonia.gibin@anticaquercia.net www.anticaquercia.net. Bar Trattoria ‘L Fujot Piazza XVII Febbraio 5, 10062 Luserna San Giovanni +39 0121 900906.

Other information

Source: Comitato Alta Via Valli di Lanzo
Itinerary code: ANC
Recommended period: All year
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Other disabled facilities
A partially accessible itinerary for people with disabilities.
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Lucco
10040 Val della Torre (TO)
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Cascina San Giovanni
10040 La Cassa (TO)
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