Anello Ceronda: Stage 5 Cascina San Giovanni - Ponte del Diavolo

da La Cassa a Lanzo Torinese (17,59 km)
Highlights and tour details

Starting from Cascina San Giovanni di La Cassa continue on track 006 in the area of Basso della Cassa finding the Ceronda Torrent here. Follow track 008C which alternates trail and dirt road. After passing the area of Campsite La Mattodera (395 m) you touch the hamlet of Truc di Miola and, keeping north on track 007, follow a short stretch of provincial road SP181. Turning left on 041B, you reach the Chapel of San Biagio where there are the ruins of Baratonia Castle. Then take track 020 that follows the provincial road for a few hundred metres crossing the bridge over the Ceronda Torrent. Shortly after, turn left into a road that accesses a production plant from which the trail that enters the wood immediately deviates.

Cross the provincial road again to re-enter the wood that, to the west, goes along the town of Fiano (428 m). Always on track 020, you reach Monasterolo (476 m) where the route follows dirt roads between woods and fields until it descends to Cafasse (409 m) where it will be necessary to cross the provincial road SP1. Route 020, alternating paved and unpaved road, meets the rural villages of Drovetto (400 m) and Gianoglio immersed in the flat agricultural areas which extend as far as the banks of the Stura di Lanzo.

You reach Strada della Pianca and going alongside the Stura di Lanza for several km, always on flat ground between fields and woods, continue north-west as far as the crossing of provincial road SP1 close to Case Cordè. From here, track 020 that follows the ancient unpaved road of Lanzo reaches the Park of Ponte del Diavolo where the ring route ends.

Support points

Bar Trattoria ‘L Fujot Piazza XVII Febbraio 5, 10062 Luserna San Giovanni +39 0121 900906. Camping La Mattodera Strada Lanzo 2, 10040 La Cassa +39 011 9842015. “Le Betulle” Naturist Village Via Lanzo 33, 10040 La Cassa +39 011 9842819 info@lebetulle.org www.lebetulle.org.

Other information

Source: Comitato Alta Via Valli di Lanzo
Itinerary code: ANC
Recommended period: All year
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Other disabled facilities
A partially accessible itinerary for people with disabilities.
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Cascina San Giovanni
10040 La Cassa (TO)
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Ponte del Diavolo
10074 Lanzo Torinese (TO)
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