Sentiero delle Fortificazioni

da Acceglio a Castelmagno (55,86 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Sentiero delle Fortificazioni is an itinerary of approximately 60 km that develops among the upper Maira and Grana Valleys allowing you to admire numerous fortifications built for defence purposes. Going along it means taking a leap into the past, stopping to admire the remains of barracks, casemates, bunkers and ferratas built by soldiers on these mountains. The most attentive observer can only ask himself questions about the enormous difficulty of building these artifacts, given the precariousness of the means and techniques, the rather hostile environment, especially in the winter months, and not to mention the distance of connecting roads. The roads that once connected the hand-built defensive works along the stony and rocky slopes have now partly collapsed, but the stretches of dry-stone walls and rough paving that still survive bear witness to the great skill of those who worked on the construction of what is now known as the "Vallo Alpino", the most ambitious fortified system to defend the borders of Italy. The dominant aspect remains, however, in the majesty of the natural environment that you are going to cross; the place that best sums up these characteristics is the Altopiano della Gardetta, a place on the border between Italy and France, but also between the Maira, Grana and Stura valleys; still today a walk in this place represents a journey back in time: from the remains of the ancient 18th-century "trune", to the various barracks of the Bandia and Lake Meja, to the bunkers and casemates that look out over the pastures and rocky slopes with their white, round roofs built in anticipation of the Second World War.

Points of interest

Numerous fortifications built in military times for defence purposes, Sanctuary of San Magno.

Other information

Itinerary code: SFO
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Centro Villaro, 113
Rifugio Campo Base
12021 Acceglio (CN)
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Via Don Giacomo Mascarello, 1
Santuario di San Magno
12020 Castelmagno (CN)
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