Outdoor activities between Italy and France

Trekking & Biking in Piemonte

From the Alps to the Sea: the great outdoors between Italy & France

Along the border between Italy and France, a land full of unique scenery is waiting to be discovered. From Mont Blanc to the Côte d'Azur and the Ligurian Riviera, and through the Valleys of Torino and Cuneo, and the hills of the Alta Langa you’ll experience majestic peaks, pristine lakes, rolling hills, crystalline seas, and breathtaking landscapes and paths.

An infinite paradise ready to welcome outdoor adventure fans with something for everyone, offering an “experiential” approach to nature. You’ll discover an integrated offer combining sport, fine food and local traditions, all waiting to be discovered in a land that invites you to embrace the Italian and French heritage, both full of history and charm.

From the Alps to the Apennines: outdoor activities in Piemonte

How many ways are there to experience the Piedmontese Alps? In the region where the Alps stand tall in all their glory, the territory also hosts an enchanting stretch of the Apennines, extending along the edge that overlooks Liguria. From the high peaks of the Torino area to Monviso, from Monte Rosa to the Ossola and Biellese peaks, you can explore some very different mountain locations, offering the same warm welcome and passion for outdoor activities.

A dense network of itineraries and paths lead to countless adventures in safety, including easy hikes and more challenging treks, trails for bikes and rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and horse riding.

From the Alps to the Sea: the great outdoors between Italy & France