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Ciao Pais

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A holiday in the mountains always makes you want to elevate yourself and reconnect. We immerse ourselves in the tranquillity and, in addition to relaxation and fun, we long for a refuge, a pleasant place that restores us. Hotel Ciao Pais, nestled in the woods above Sauze D'Oulx, embodies this suggestive plunge into mountain peacefulness. It is not a question of spending your holidays in a mountain resort, but in the mountains, in the woods - with the convenience of a road that is perfectly passable by any means in summer and a fast and efficient transport service in winter (by snowmobile or snowcat). So, as soon as you've put your bags in your room, there are ski slopes, footpaths and mountain bike trails, as well as a volleyball court, two bocce pitches, a children's playground and a solarium. There is also a relaxation room with a fireplace, books and board games, satellite TV and Internet access.

Address and contacts
via Case Sparse, 17
10050 Sauze d'Oulx (TO)

Telephone number: +39 0122850280 +39 3351801474