Alessandria and Monferrato

Acqui Terme, taking in art and landscape for total wellbeing

Acqui Terme (39,20 km)
Highlights and tour details

Acqui Terme has a lot going for it as far as sports tourism is concerned – and not only at a professional level! Getting active can start right from this route for mountain bikes, or even pedal assist bike. It starts from the centre of Acqui Terme. If you arrive in Acqui Terme by train, start from the square opposite the railway station, if you arrive by car, a good place to start is from the car park (camper area) near the Roman Bridge over the Bormida river (bathing area).

It is a beautiful ride amongst art, history and beautiful landscapes. Leave the town in the direction of Savona and continue along Corso Divisione Acqui before taking Highway 30. Continue for a few hundred meters along a busy road (note: you need to turn left immediately in the direction of Terzo Stazione).

Go through the town and towards Terzo up a gentle 2km climb. When you reach the town, turn right in the direction of Montabone. After a flat stretch of roughly 1km, the road climbs gently for 5 km until you reach the top of the hill where you will find Montabone.

After visiting the historic centre, continue in the direction of Rocchetta Palafea. The first stretch is a steep climb, but only for a few hundred meters, and takes you to the crest of this hill. When you reach it, there are a series of gentle rise and falls with the most magnificent views of the Monferrato hills.

When you reach Rocchetta Palafea, you must stop off at the panoramic terrace, near the cemetery. Get your energy back and set off again in the direction of Castel Boglione, going off to the right a few metres before you arrive in the small village square.

The road descends gently until you reach a crossroads with the minor road that connects Acqui Terme and Nizza Monferrato. At the junction, turn left in the direction of Nizza Monferrato (be careful) and continue for a few hundred meters uphill, until you reach a chapel on the right hand side of the road.

At this point, turn right again in the direction of Castel Rocchero. Here, you face a rather steep climb for roughly 3 km along a minor road with little traffic before you reach the top of the hill. Continue, leaving the centre of Castel Rocchero on you right. Here, the descent for Acqui Terme begins. As soon as you pass the Cantina Sociale on the right hand side, turn immediately left in the direction of Alice Belcolle. The road is narrow and winds through the colourful vineyards, making this the most appealing and captivating part of the entire route. Go through the small centre of Alice Belcolle and continue in the direction of Ricaldone. Before entering the town, turn right in the direction of Acqui Terme.

The last part of the route is all downhill and takes you to the centre of the Thermal town. A relaxing tour of the town and a trip to visit the Bollente in the historical centre is a perfect end to our tour of the Monferrato hills. By Giuseppe Rossi

Points of interest

Acqui Terme: Old town centre, La bollente (natural thermal spring), the castle of the paleologists, Roman Arches, Thermal baths

Terzo d'Acqui: Medieval Tower

Montabone: Old town centre and the parish church of S. Antonio Abate which is home to several canvases attributed to Guglielmo Caccia, the famous painter from this town, known as Il Moncalvo.

Rocchetta Palafea: Walls and Medieval Tower 


Dedicated signage; none. At the crossroads, follow the directions for the places listed on the route description. It is always recommended to rely on a skilled guide from the area, who is updated on any changes to the conditions of the routes, which can vary compared with the time that verified and updated them. 


Always use a helmet, even when it is not compulsory. Before starting off, always advise someone of your itinerary. If you can, take a GPS and a mobile phone with you, a drinking bottle always full of water; if the distance is demanding take an extra snack/bar. Dress suitably, better in layers, and keep a wind and rainproof cape in your jersey pocket. Always use padded cycling shorts. Comfort is essential to have fun and enjoy the fascinating journey, 


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