Alessandria and Monferrato

Gabiano, between river and hill

Gabiano (23,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

A spectacular itinerary in a panoramic position overlooking the Po, passing through the vineyards surrounding Gabiano Castle, among the oldest and largest manors of Monferrato. The remarkable size of Gabiano rises over the Po in a magnificent panoramic position. A splendid amphitheatre of vineyards extends around the castle creating a special scenic effect.

Points of interest

From Piagera 150m. a.s.l.  to the public parking lot go to the left and take the first unpaved road  to the right (in front of the petrol station), then immediately left and go straight ahead for about 1.5 km; at the crossroads turn left again and  over  the asphalt road.

Follow the road signs to Moncestino (287 m a.s.l). There is about 1,500m of uphill to get to the village, pass under the arch on the side of the Church, and at the Stop sign you can choose to go down to the valley on an asphalted road (1).

Instead for those who enjoy a bit of dirt road, follow the main track, which from the Stop sign after the arch goes right returning back to the curve of the Tempietto Votivo; turn left , after a few meters at the first bend, take the dirt road on the left and continue downhill without making any detours until arriving on asphalt (...) turn right and after about 250 m left, see the road signs for Bianche per Carpegna, continue for about 800 m  and after a slight curve to the right, near a house, is a dirt road to the left (2).

Continuing on our route you arrive in "ca 'D'Alemanno" area, at the church of Santa Liberata, follow the indications for  "Rairolo"; a tough climb ends on an unpaved road, turn left until you get back on asphalt, then left again for Varengo (315 m asl.); Here it is advisable to make a small tourist detour: in Piazza Garibaldi, note on the left an arch (Wp 300 m) with the indication "Chiesa di Sant'Eusebio", it is worth taking a ride behind the Church to admire the Panorama.

After this break we return to the trail, leaving the archway, continue our route by going left, and without deviating until you find the road sign "Casaletto" on the left, (those wanting  to return to the starting point  can follow the description (3)) .

Keeping on our main trail arriving at the Sp 1; turn left (. ...) and follow the road signs to Mincengo ( 240m a.s.l.) to the right; There is an uphill asphalted road.

On reaching  the village which is crossed by this road alone, after a white fence,  turn left onto a downhill,  on arriving at Church go right by going past the Church  and entering a pathway; proceed uphill towards Zoalengo (263 m above sea level) It passes under the Sp 5 (above is the Belvedere di Zoalengo, which goes onto the plains and the Alpine arc) for those wishing to return to the starting point, follow the variant (4 ).

After the underpass, the road is narrowly wedged between the hills and with a fast descent you arrive in the plain of the Po, also known as the  Plain of gravels, a fertile area of various crops; From the only intersection you find, continue straight for about 600 m, turn left after about 900 m. (if you want you can turn right to the river in the facility of the Po Park and  Orba.); otherwise go straight and you get to Piagera on  the SP 1, turn right and you will arrive at the public parking lot, the starting and finishing point.


(1) At the bottom of the hill follow the signs to Gabiano and in about one km you arrive at  Piagera, so if you want to end the route, at the Stop turn left and you will arrive back at the parking lot.

Otherwise to continue the route  go to the right and return to the original trail.

(...) On the left you will return to Piagera

(2) This dirt road leads straight to Piagera, on reaching the asphalt  stay on the left.

(3) For Casaletto, then  at the first Stop sign turn left and continue until Piagera following the directions for Crescentino and Villamiroglio.

(4) At the underpass go left, road signs  Gabiano 300m. a.s.l, leaving the village on the Sp 1 linked with the variant (3), (already described).

(...) If you continue straight on Sp 1 you end up on the variant (3), continue to Piagera following the road signs for Crescentino and Villamiroglio.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
15020 Gabiano (AL)
see on map
Duration: approx. 2 hours Type of terrain: Mostly asphalt, gravel/dirt road for about 8 km on the main trail.
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