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I Due Buoi

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A fitting introduction: I Due Buoi is synonymous with Alessandria, as Cambio is synonymous with Turin. They are long-standing restaurants that have accompanied history and this legendary restaurant of Alessandria dates to 1741. Today, after many ups and downs, it has returned, like the Cambio, to its ancient splendour, at least in the kitchen. 30-year-old Chef Marco Molaro from Udine is creative and open to suggestions, believes in teamwork and in the added value it can bring. "My idea of food focuses on taste, always clear, never confused and, whenever possible, recognisable; from here, use of the classical and most innovative cooking techniques. Technique for me must always serve taste, never the other way around. Aesthetics is important of course, but not essential. I am not forcibly bound to local products or to tradition at all costs, but the connection with the territory or better with the territories is undoubtedly important because without the interplay of products and techniques there wouldn't be any traditional cuisine. I call myself a Chef, an artisan of food who loves all its aspects. Food is a way of transmitting emotions, a way of communicating and a tool to do something positive, beyond simply "eating well". The Restaurant is open at the following times to the public: Monday to Saturday 12.30 pm - 2.30 pm / 8 pm -10.30 pm, closed on Sunday. It also offers a delivery and take away service that will operate at the following times: Lunch Every day - bookings by 12.00 delivery and pick up times 12.30 - 2 pm Dinner Every day - bookings by 7 pm delivery and pick up times 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm. To book: Phone 0131 517105, WhatsApp 349 6685101, E-mail

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via Vittorio Veneto, 23
15030 Olivola (AL)

Telephone number: +39 3662549251