The provinces of Biella and Vercelli

Biella Valsesia Vercelli

bivavc Alagna Alpe Campo - Ph. ATL Biella Valsesia Vercelli

Alagna Alpe Campo - Ph. ATL Biella Valsesia Vercelli

The provinces of Biella and Vercelli are characterised by the peaks of the Alps to the north, the hilly area going south and the plain when descending even further. The territory is suitable for many outdoor activities, offering an incredible variety of hiking trails or two-wheel routes in unique natural environments.

The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (Great Crossing of the Alps), is a walking itinerary that links the two territories, winding for 1000 km along picturesque trails through the Piedmontese Alps; it is equipped with stopover places and specific signposts and offers unforgettable views.

The Valsesia trails, in the province of Vercelli, allow you to enjoy all levels of hiking and venture along panoramic routes, often with the natural backdrop of the majestic massif of Monte Rosa: there are very technical itineraries that reach an altitude of almost 3000 metres for the more expert hikers.

It is possible to plan hikes over several days, perhaps tackling the routes of national importance that include Valsesia and its side valleys: among them the already mentioned Grande Traversata delle Alpi, or the Grande Traversata della Valsesia (Great Crossing of Valsesia), an extremely fascinating 11-stage itinerary.

Less demanding but not less exciting are the routes that cross Lower Valsesia, including the itineraries inside the Monte Fenera Natural Park, which is of great historical and naturalistic interest.

In addition to immersing yourself in the unspoilt nature, hiking in Valsesia allows you to enjoy the genuine hospitality of the refuges, ready to provide you with an inviting menu of hearty local dishes and a deserved rest between one stage and another.

Situated in the north-west of Piedmont, the Province of Biella, delimited to the north by a circle of mountains bordering Valle d'Aosta and open to the south towards the plain, is a destination full of surprising attractions and offers an extensive network of marked trails for hiking enthusiasts: from the most demanding treks to the peaks, to the Grande Traversata del Biellese (Great Crossing of Biella), an itinerary of over 200 km divided into 15 sections, designed to be covered in 15 days. Partly plain and partly marked by moderate slopes, it crosses the entire province, passing some of its most fascinating spots and is ideal to get close to nature along with the whole family.

A great variety of unspoilt and evocative landscapes, unexpected artistic and cultural experiences and the quality, that has always distinguished the province of Biella, ensure unforgettable stays during which you can discover the warmth of the welcoming, the beauty of the landscapes and the excellence of the products, textiles, food and wine.

But there are not just routes on foot: in the Biella area, all cycling enthusiasts feel at home.

Road and mountain bike routes await, to lead you through breathtaking panoramas.

Perhaps along the roads of the Giro d'Italia, from Alpe Noveis to Serra, along the Panoramica Zegna and the Tracciolino, passing by the three main sanctuaries of San Giovanni, Oropa and Graglia.

Or the 11-kilometre Biella-Oropa climb, now marked as the legendary Pantani mountain.

But also along the roads of the plain and hills, which will slowly take you to paradisiacal spots, all worth discovering: the vineyards of Lessona, the Baraggia with the village of Ricetto di Candelo, Bessa Park with its history and the ancient gold mines, the hills around Lake Viverone, the rice fields, castles…

But that’s not all. Mountain biking, enduro and downhill are all activities that can be practised to the full, and the services available in the territory include bicycle and e-bike rental, transfer, cartography and GPS tracking services, qualified instructors and guides.

Biella is home to the bicycle and cyclists are welcomed by genuine flavours, the history of this land and by the products of the textile tradition.

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Between the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, the Bramaterra hills have interesting mountain bike trails in the Rive Rosse, a unique area distinguished by the reddish colour of the ground.

Going into the Vercelli area, from the peaks of Monte Rosa to the extreme south of the Po waters, there are endless opportunities for two-wheel enthusiasts in all versions: city bike, MTB, trial, downhill… there really is something for everyone and it is truly impossible not to find the ideal route!

They range from the most demanding mountain bike itineraries with great differences in height, to downhill descents along exhilarating tracks, to long but pleasant routes through vineyards and rice fields, to bike rides in the city or in parks, suitable for the whole family.

From Valduggia to Alagna Valsesia, passing by Alpe di Mera, enthusiasts will find many itineraries where they can immerse themselves in the nature of Valsesia from a different point of view.

Seven cycling routes called “Risaie Ciclabili” depart from the centre of Vercelli and develop among the rice fields scattered around the city, passing by ancient farmsteads and picturesque landscapes; in addition, by remaining on the plain that is crossed by Canale Cavour, the canal and the rice field irrigation systems can be observed along the cycling routes.

What are you waiting for? Get your two wheels out or prepare your backpack and come and discover our provinces: you will be pleasantly surprised!

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