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The Bessa gold mine: Cumuli di Ciottoli cycle path

da Zubiena a Cerrione (2,00 km)
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The Special Nature Reserve in  Bessa is 8 kilometers long and has an average width of one kilometer, it  is one of the most evocative archaeological sites in Piedmont. An  open-cast gold mine exploited by the ancient Romans between the second and the  first centuries BC, today presents a mysteriously fascinating landscape with an articulated network of paths between valleys rich in vegetation and pebble dunes up to 10 meters high. It is crossed by 3 cycle paths with a total length of approximately 10 km, mostly flat or with low gradients requiring moderate effort, suitable for the use of mountain bikes; excursions can be made along these routes, which are properly marked, in the spring and during autumn.

The Cumuli di Ciottoli cycle path starts from the Visitation Center of Vermogno (Zubiena), a central hub of the nature reserve and the starting point for all the main itineraries; arriving at Cerrione, Cava Barbera, where it reaches the Vecchie Cave cycle track, another MTB path within the reserve. The route does not present difficulties, the difference in level is modest and the paths surface is suitable for MTB.


Points of interest

Bessa’s  special Natural Reserve

Search for gold in the Elvo stream,

All tourist information is available on the Local Tourist Office of the Biellese website


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
Centro visite di Vermogno
13888 Zubiena (BI)
Località Cava Barbera
13882 Cerrione (BI)
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