The provinces of Biella and Vercelli

The Water Valley and the Zegna Oasis

Biella (79,00 km)
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This  route is designed for cycle enthusiasts, whether they are great cyclists or groups looking for new sceneries.

Starting from the city of Biella then going up the Valle Cervo, (the Acqua valley) followed by  a  "confrontation" of  the wonderful panoramic views of the strada Panoramica Zegna with its descents towards Trivero and the ascents to characteristic mountain villages to  go down again towards the city. Cycle from ATL to Biella in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 3 and at the first roundabout reverse the direction to exit the city, coasting towards Tollegno on the right bank of the Cervo stream where the ancient wool mills and the City of art are located, artistic headquarters of Michelangelo Pistoletto, an internationally renowned artist. Thus begins  the ascent of Valle Cervo, the valley is characterized by the syenite quarries which have determined the architectural characteristics of its villages with the mineral extracted. Pass through the village of Andorno  with its Rapa liqueur famous for the historic ratafià with cherries, then Sagliano Micca, the birthplace of the hero Pietro Micca, military miner in the Savoy army in 1700, who with his sacrifice saved Torino from the siege of the  French army.

On the uphill climb you encounter  the historic Cappellificio Valle Cervo and the rock climbing wall of the hamlet of Balma. You reach Campiglia Cervo with the town hall decorated with coats of arms, to reach Rosazza, the most mysterious village in Biella which is full of architectural symbols linked to fascinating mysteries! This small town is famous for Federico Rosazza, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who  as Grand Master of the Freemasons of Biella, held his secret meetings here. We recommend a visit to the Church, to the Castle and  to the Casa Museo dedicated to mountain civilization.

Returning in our tracks, at the junction begins an uphill route along the Panoramica Zegna road which goes through the Oasi Zegna territory,  a mountain reserve of great value which is sponsored by the industrial group Ermenegildo Zegna. As you go uphill, you come across Forgnengo, known as the village of the bear game, a tiny but characteristic comune of Sassaia and Oriomosso. Continue following the indication for Poggio Bruera, note that it is well  worth a stop to admire the spectacular view of the Valle Cervo with its quarries.

As the uphill climb continues more and more views on the plain below can be seen.

You arrive at the old stone inn of Bocchetto Sessera, from where you can access the wonderful wild Alta Val Sessera, an uncontaminated kingdom of nature. Continuing the climb you reach Bielmonte with its ski facilities, mountain pastures and various tourist facilities, among which  a rental point for bikes and an equipped Bike Hotel known as the Bucaneve hotel.

The descent begins, always accompanied by magnificent panoramic views over the Po Valley.

On the left at Bocchetto Margosio is a splendid panorama of Monte Rosa and Alta Val Sessera; then much further down the valley on a hairpin turn is Jeb, an artisanal micro-brewery. If cycling in the spring from mid-May to mid-June, one can see the spectacular and exceptional  flowering of colorful rhododendrons along the sides of the road and the homonymous Conca up to Trivero. From the Zegna Center you go towards the characteristic hamlet of Castagnea  to the agritourism Oro di Berta, a bike hotel, arriving at Trivero again which is home to the historic Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill. Then turn to the characteristic Santuario della Nostra Signora della Brughiera, consisting of two churches, the largest being the  heart of the celebrations but the smallest, ancient dating back to the sixteenth century.

Then go through the hamlet of Barbato home of the Transhumanza ecomuseum, and after going  through other very characteristic villages you reach Mosso S. Maria and uphill to Veglio, crossing the spectacular bridge of the Pistolesa with its unique Bungee Jumping of 152 meters in height and its annexed Adventure Park.

Once in Veglio continue towards the mountain village of Camandona and passing at the foot of the dam flanked by its beautiful waterfall, continue to Callabiana then down towards Pianezze. From there the ascent to the panoramic commune of Pettinengo and then the descent,  which touches  Zumaglia, Vaglio and continuing towards Biella, which can be reached along the right side of the Cervo stream from which the Sella Foundation arises.

Having reached and crossed  over the Chiavazza bridge,  arriving at the ATL headquarters in Biella






Biella - Departure on Via Lamarmora on the opposite side of the ATL Tourist Information Office, eastbound.

At 1.9 km roundabout, straight for Tollegno - left bank of the river.

Recommended parking:

Biella Station - Camper Area with loading and unloading.


Head towards Andorno.



Straight to Tollegno.






Head to Andorno.



Andorno to Piedicavallo.



Campiglia – Right to Bielmonte




At  20,7km fontana


Bielmonte - from 37,5km downhill dangerous.

Beautiful panorama of the plain. In the square 2 of Bielmonte, a panorama of the Val Sessera and the  range of Monta Rosa.





Vallemosso – Right to Mosso.

Dangerous crossing. Fontana.


Mosso – Right to Biella.



Towards Biella.




Wonderful balcony over Biella area


Towards Biella



Biella - arrival

Arrive at Via Lamarmora - ATL



Points of interest

Valle del Cervo - known as the 'stone valley' for the important syenite quarries that constituted the main economic activity in the nineteenth and early twentieth century

Rosazza - Characteristic stone village full of Masonic and esoteric architectural details

Panoramic view over  Zegna and Oasi Zegna

Bielmonte - ski resort and summer sports

Trivero - Casa Zegna, ‘Museo d'Impresa’ -  Business Museum

Valle di Mosso - Textile industry and corporate outlets

Pettinengo - Biella Museum Network: Childhood Museum,  Acquasantini Museum  and Museum of Migration

Zumaglia - Brich di Zumaglia Nature Reserve and castle

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Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Vittorio Veneto, 3
Sede ATL Biella
13900 Biella (BI)
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