The provinces of Biella and Vercelli

GTA: Stage 11 Alpe Devero - Alpe Veglia

da Baceno a Varzo (13,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Alpe Devero, take the little road that goes to the left at the locality of Ai Ponti near the little church; at the first bridge it is better to pass on the opposite side of the stream and follow the dirt road that leads to the houses of Piedimonte, where there are several signs. After crossing the small cluster of houses, take the marked path that goes up into the woods to the right of the stream (orographic left) and reaches the huts of the lower Alpe Buscagna (1941 m). Then continue on the plateau along the wide path and reach the hut of Alpe Buscagna, (1967 m). Leave the path on the right that leads to the Combi-Lanza Bivouac and Passo di Cornera and continue on the flat and then slightly uphill. Cross a scree following cairns and signs (not a very visible path), then continue on a more visible track with a more decisive ascent between rhododendrons and sparse larch trees up to a second grassy plateau at about 2200 metres in altitude. Cross the whole plateau towards the south and then start climbing again on grassy and then detrital ground up to the pass of the Scatta d'Orogna (2461 m). From the Scatta d'Orogna, the path first makes a short traverse on steep ground, then it descends more easily to a nice ledge with a small lake (2352 m) and then descends again towards Valle Bondolero. It then crosses a small rocky spur at the base (a slightly exposed passage, equipped with a chain) to go up under the looming walls of Pizzo Moro until it reaches Passo di Valtendra (2431 m). Descend eastwards from the pass, first skirting a small nival lake and then descending a steep grassy and detrital slope along an excellently marked path. You will then reach Pian Sass Mor and skirt it to the left until you reach a beautiful fountain (about 2070 m) where there is a marked fork: go down to the right and reach Pian du Scricc at a large renovated hut. The path goes past the hut and continues on the opposite side of the plateau (orographic right), then enters a beautiful beech wood. Proceed along the Rio Frua on your left until reaching the large plateau of Alpe Veglia and the houses of Cornù; before arriving there, there is a diversion on the left that leads directly to Rifugio Città di Arona (1760 m).

Other information

Itinerary code: GPN
Provinces crossed: Distretto dei Laghi

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Alpe Devero
28861 Baceno (VB)
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Alpe Veglia, Fraz. Cornù
28868 Varzo (VB)
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