The provinces of Biella and Vercelli

GTA: Stage 3 Malesco - Fondomonfracchio

da Malesco a Craveggia (16,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Malesco we cross the Melezzo again and head towards Zornasco and Craveggia through urbanised areas. A small stretch of road leads to Toceno. From here you start to climb up towards the hamlet of Promez to the last houses, before entering Valle di Arvogno. There is a mule track above the road (signposts) that climbs up into the coniferous woods to the Colma di fuori. You then go up to the last more recent hut and take the dirt road on the right that leads to La Piana ski resort. From the Refuge (1706 m) proceed in a north-easterly direction to the ski slope which then becomes an easy mule track and climbs northwards to the Bocchetta di Muino (1977 m). From the Bocchetta you descend towards the small homonymous lakes (Rifugio CAI Emilio Greppi). From here you turn left and, after crossing the pastures of Alpe Canva, you reach Alpe Motta di Vocogno. From here the path descends rapidly towards Alpe Bugiola and Peccio, crossing some avalanche gullies. From Alpe Peccio the environment becomes less harsh and you proceed, skirting the Rio Cortaccio to Alpe Cortaccio. You then descend passing other areas subject to avalanches and finally going onto the main path (M51) near the stage stop-off place of Fondomonfracchio,

Support points

Rifugio Fondomonfracchio CAi Section Vigezzo Alpe Fondomonfracchio - Valle Onsernone Craveggia (VB) Sleeps: 22

Other information

Itinerary code: GPN
Provinces crossed: Distretto dei Laghi

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
28854 Malesco (VB)
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28852 Craveggia (VB)
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