Biella Valsesia Vercelli

GTA: Stage 6 Campo Valle Maggia - Bosco Gurin

da Campo Valle Maggia (Switzerland) a Bosco Gurin (Switzerland) (11,60 km)
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Starting from Campo, we return on the trail that takes us back to Cimalmotto; after crossing the town we climb back up on a road for about 10 minutes as far as Cavà. From here starts a beautiful trail immersed in a coniferous forest that after having touched Alpe Quadrella continues to climb to the homonymous pass. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view on both sides. Heading towards Chumna, you can descend directly to Bosco Gurin (1547m), the highest village of the Canton Ticino with its typical Walser culture. Alternatively, it is possible to stay at the altitude of Chumna and divert towards Capanna Grossalp (1907 m)



Other information

Itinerary code: GPN

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Campo Valle Maggia
Campo Valle Maggia (Switzerland)
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Bosco Gurin
Bosco Gurin (Switzerland)
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