Biella Valsesia Vercelli

Sentiero delle Pietre Bianche (SPB): Stage 1 Lake of Candia - Castellazzo

da Candia Canavese a Caluso (17,40 km)
Points of interest

The Lake of Candia with its wetlands and the "Paludetta" protected by the Park, the springs that give way to the Rio Bianizzo, the Church of Santo Stefano and the Tower of Castiglione in Candia; the hilly coppice woods with several magnificent specimens of the original oak-hornbeam forest between Barone, Mercenasco and Orio; the "Castelvecchio" and the "Pietra del Vais" in Montalenghe. The Castle of Barone and the "Castellazzo" in Caluso. 

Other information

Itinerary code: SPB
Historical interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Candia presso Zona Lido
Lago di Candia
10010 Candia Canavese (TO)
see on map
10014 Caluso (TO)
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