Tourist District of the Lakes

Museo etnografico di Gurro e della Valle Cannobina


Expression of the customs and the popular culture of the entire Valley of Cannobio, Gurro preserves an ancient historic centre with stone houses with large wooden loggias, one close to the other, and small streets that cross the residential nucleus. At the centre of the old village is the ethnographic Museum of Gurro and of the Valley of Cannobio, a veritable glimpse of past life. Garments, laces, toys, pottery and numerous wooden work tools bear witness to a civilisation that is primarily rural and agricultural. Gurro is a well-known town throughout the area for working hemp and wool and there is no shortage of traditional tools for spinning, the loom for weaving and tools for combing.

Address and contacts
piazza della Chiesa
28828 Gurro (VB)

Telephone number: +39 0323 76100 +39 0323 76107