Langhe Monferrato Roero

Itinerary between villages, romanesque churches, towers and castles.

Quattordio (35,00 km)
Highlights and tour details
The starting point of the route in Quattordio is the main Piazza Olivazzi, a big square with a car park, shaded areas, water fountain and toilets.
Proceeding in a southerly direction, just outside the village you travel along the SP 247 for 950 m, before turning right onto a dirt road. The water, a short distance ahead, can be crossed thanks to a small bridge (on the left). Proceeding, you go along the railway until you reach a picnic area, where it is necessary to turn left and take the railway underpass. On the right, past the embankment, you reach close to the River Tanaro, in the area covered by the "La Luvetta" nature trail.
Passed the embankment once again, you enter the village of Cerro Tanaro, with Natta Castle (private property) and the Torretta degli Adorni. The village has been struck many times by floods, as the marble plaques recall that refer to the most disastrous event on 6 November 1994. 
Leaving the village, follow the direction for Refra​ncore, recognisable from the tower and from the bell tower, for about 7 km, partly paved and with river stones. Refrancore is famous for the fennel biscuits and has a delightful historical centre to visit. Leaving the village, there is a climb of 14% which takes to a peak. 
The route crosses the areas known as "Rossi" and "Accorneri Superiore" before reaching the SP 29 (to be taken for a possible direct return to the departure point) lower down, along which, by turning left, you continue in the direction of Viarigi for 4 km, until you reach the Torre dei Segnali and the village, with the Church of San Silverio. There are also toilets in the car park square with the murales. Returning to the entrance of the village, at the height of the road sign, by turning left you follow the "Strada Dovesio Modelca". A short distance on, the dirt road begins uphill for the Pieve di San Marziano (only visitable from the outside). After visiting the Pieve, travelling the stretch of route in the opposite direction, you will have a magnificent panoramic view of the hilly villages of Viarigi, Altavilla, Vignale Monferrato as far as the Alpine range with the Monte Rosa Group.
The descent leads back along SP 29 (in this case, it is also possible to take this route to return directly to the starting point). After 950 m you can turn right following for Refrancore. Taking the first rural dirt road on the left, continuing along the Church of Santa Lucia, you cross Borgata dei Calcini (with the small church built to give thanks for having been spared the plague) and again on a rural road, you reach SP 29 again. Turning right at Piepasso, after 500 m from the Church it is possible to take the dirt road on the right, which is initially flat and then slightly uphill. At the top, turn left and be careful travelling this stretch of road. Shortly after one kilometre you reach the SP247. Turning right, after a couple of kms you meet the SP10 or Via Padana Est. Turning right you return to the departure point of Piazza Olivazzi in Quattordio. Alternatively, just before going up the overpass, it is possible to take a last section of dirt road which passes under the motorway, before reaching the entrance to Quattordio and the departure point in Piazza Olivazzi..
The route is on a mixed surface, primarily tarmac along low-traffic roads, hilly dirt roads and rural dirt roads.
It is recommended to take the hilly dirt roads and the stretch to reach the Romanesque Pieve di San Marziano with a dry or almost dry surface. 
The departure point is easy to reach from the Felizzano exit on the A21 motorway and from Felizzano train station..


Points of interest

La Luvetta Nature Trail, Cerro Tanaro

Torre dei Segnali, Viarigi

Built in the first half of the 14th century, 26 metres tall

Pieve di San Marziano, Viarigi.

Romanesque church, oldest part dates back to the 12th century.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Olivazzi
15028 Quattordio (AL)
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districts passed through
Cerro Tanaro, Quattordio, Refrancore, Viarigi
Possible risks on the route
km on the state road:22
It is recommended to take the hilly dirt tracks and the stretch to reach the Romanesque Pieve di San Marziano with dry or almost dry surface. Route suitable for MTB and E-MTB. Change in altitude: uphill 480 m; downhill 418 m.
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