Langhe Monferrato and Roero

Roero Bike Tour

da Vezza d'Alba a Castagnito (140,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

RBT, i.e. Roero Bike Tour, is an acronym that encompasses an entire territory. We are in Roero, a portion of hills that follows the left bank of the River Tanaro, that separates it from the Langhe until it touches the provinces of Turin and Asti. Here, human activities, crops and historical villages are immersed in a nature that is still wild, of thick vegetation and rugged hills. It was the noble Roero Family from Asti that owned most of the land and castles here and gave the territory its name. It is a land of transit, now characterised by an age-old vocation to trade and to hospitality.

Cycling along the Roero Bike Tour, you can move from village to village on nature trails or minor roads, discovering unique environments and landscapes: the Rocche (an unusual geological phenomenon which maintains a rich biodiversity), vineyards, truffle grounds, orchards, hilltop villages and castles.

The itinerary is designed for mountain bikes or e-bikes, to give you excitement on two wheels! With an overall length of almost 140 km, and a unique direction of travel, it is divided into 7 stages and enriched with several variants, alternative or connecting sections, and encompasses the three major existing Trails: the S1 (Grande Sentiero del Roero)- S4 (Sentiero Del Roero Centrale), S3 (Sentiero dell’Acino, Mulini e Castelli – Roero Orientale).


The RBT can also be cycled forming several loops, adapting the route to one's needs.


Loop 1 

Formed by stages 1, 2, 2A, and 5 (in the final part). 

Length: 34 km

Loop 2

Formed by stages 3, 4, and 5 (until it joins with 2A), 2A.

Length: 48 km

Loop 3 

Formed by stage 3A.

Length: 15.5 km

Loop 4

Formed by stages 6 and 7.

Length: 43 km

Points of interest

STAGE 1 – Borbore (Vezza d’Alba) – Montà

A route that connects the two hearts of Roero, one that looks at Langhe and the other that travels the ridge of the Rocche. The track takes us from Vezza to Montà, passing through Canale, encountering several theme-based trails.

VARIANT 1A – Canale – Rocca Tagliata (Canale)

This route is a variant of the previous stage and takes to the isolated hamlet of Rocca Tagliata, cycling a long section of the S1 trail and then “Sentiero del Castagno”, extending into the territory of Cisterna d’Asti, with the possibility of reaching Montà.

STAGE 2 – Montà – Monteu Roero

A route along the ridge of the Rocche, admiring the miraculous "capture" of the River Tanaro, which has given us what you see before you.

VARIANT 2A - Monteu Roero – Battagli (Vezza d’Alba)
This section is a variant of the RBT route and connects the two  ridges of Roero, pedalling next to the ridge of the Rocche, before descending into the valley floor, and climbing back towards Vezza d’Alba.

STAGE 3 – Monteu Roero – Pocapaglia

This part of the route takes you along the historic “Grande Sentiero del Roero”, which winds along the ridge of the Rocche, immersed in “Silva Popularis”, the last big forest of the Po Plain.

VARIANT 3A – Saliceto (Pocapaglia) - San Sebastiano (Pocapaglia)

This is a variant of the main RBT route and makes a loop through a woody and flat area which extends to the village of Sanfrè, dominated by its impressive castle.

STAGE 4 Pocapaglia Monticello dAlba
Stage 4 of the Roero Bike Tour connects the ridge of the Rocche to the central towns of Roero. For the first half, it winds along paved country roads with little traffic.

STAGE 5 – Monticello d’Alba – Borbore (Vezza d’Alba)
A route that follows the S4 “Sentiero del Roero Centrale”, which crosses the hilltop villages of this area, and allows to admire towers, castles and fine fruit cultivations.

STAGE 6 – Borbore (Vezza d’Alba) – Govone
Ideal continuation of the previous route, this section allows you cycle to Govone, to the foothills of the Asti province, crossing vine covered hills, centre of production of the youngest DOCG wines of Langhe Roero.

VARIANT 6A –Castagnito -Guarene

This is a variant of the official RBT route and connects the ridge slope of Castagnito to that of Guarene, offering unique glimpses of Roero and of the opposite Langhe.

STAGE 7 – Govone – Castagnito

Together with stage 6, this stage allows us to form a loop connecting all of the hilltop villages of this part of Roero to discover the secrets of the mills and the crossings along the River Tanaro.

VARIANT  7A – Sotteri (Guarene) - Guarene
This is a variant of the official RBT route and takes you directly to the hamlet of Guarene, instead of cycling the longer route which makes you do a loop around the village of Guarene.  


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
frazione Borbore
12040 Vezza d'Alba (CN)
see on map
località Vernè
12050 Castagnito (CN)
see on map
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