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novara Parco Ticino - Ph. ATL Provincia Novara

Parco Ticino - Ph. ATL Provincia Novara

Setting off by bicycle or on foot for the Novara countryside means wanting to leave the chaos and frenzy of our daily lives behind us to enter into a fascinating dimension, made up of tranquillity, silence and open spaces to explore, as well as the colours and scents that differ with the changing of the seasons.
In spring, the plain becomes mostly “waterlogged” to accommodate the expanses of rice fields that drink in the blue sky and reflect the rows of poplars, the clouds, and the farmhouses. Slowly, these waters become green at the sprouting of the first rice seedlings, to then turn golden in the autumn, becoming a golden sea that sways with each breath of wind. In the background is the glimpse of the reddish sunsets that recline towards the chain of the Alps. Even the hills, embroidered with endless rows of quality vines, compete to display their changing mantles, which are bursting with bunches of grapes in the autumn.

The area of Novara is thus an ideal territory to cover unhurriedly by bike or on foot, looking out to capture behind each bend, ancient churches, oratories, castles and ricetti (medieval fortifications), from ancient history but still fresh proof of old crafts and custodians of works of art. It means conceding ourselves the right time to reawaken our senses, to let our gaze go out to the horizon to follow the flight of the herons, to hear crickets singing or frogs croaking, to feel the air brushing through our hair in the mystical silence of the open countryside, to fully enjoy the rich simplicity of a traditional dish, to immerse ourselves in the rural landscape between the Lame del Sesia Natural Park and the Ticino Park, the largest river park in Europe and a territory full of history and culture, to discover timeless places, jewels of art, still full of the mystical charm of days gone by.

From the plains to the hills, up to the first extensions of Lower Valsesia, the Novara area is a network of trails, for those who are taking their first walks or for the more expert and demanding walkers: our territory lends itself to be “walked” and “pedalled”; a departure point for hikes where history, culture and traditions have mutually expressed and influenced each other as time has gone by. In particular, the area of the Monte Fenera Park, which descends to the hilly area, has always attracted naturalists and hikers. Its trails, which vary both in terms of length and height difference, can be covered on foot and some by bike, at any time of the year, making it possible to meet the needs of people who are becoming increasingly keen on outdoor activities in our territory.

A borderless journey, which skirts canals, plunges into woods and crosses vineyards, made up of thousands of routes that always differ and surprise every time.

novara Ph. ATL Provincia Novara


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