novara Parco Ticino - Ph. ATL Provincia Novara

Parco Ticino - Ph. ATL Provincia Novara

Setting off by bicycle or on foot for the countryside around Novara means entering an alluring dimension of tranquillity, silence, open spaces to explore, of colours and scents that differ with the changing of the seasons in an unexpected variety of environments and landscapes.

In spring, the plain becomes mostly “waterlogged" to accommodate the expanses of rice fields that soak up the blue sky and reflect the rows of poplars, clouds, and farmsteads. Slowly, these waters become green at the sprouting of the first rice seedlings, to turn golden in the autumn, becoming a golden sea that sways with each breath of wind. In the background is the glimpse of the reddish sunsets that recline towards the Alpine chain. Even the hills, embroidered with endless rows of fine vineyards, compete to display their changing mantles, which are laden with grapes in autumn.

An area to travel with the gaze ready to catch behind every turn ancient churches, oratories, castles and medieval fortifications from ancient history, still fresh witness of old trades and custodians of works of art. It means granting ourselves the right to take the time to reawaken the senses, to let the gaze wander to the horizon to follow the flight of the herons, listen to the song of the crickets or the croaking frogs, to feel the rustle of air in your hair in the mystical silence of the open countryside, to taste deep down the rich simplicity of a traditional dish, to immerse oneself in the agrarian landscape between the Park of Lame del Sesia and the Park of Ticino , the biggest fluvial park in Europe and, territory rich in history and culture, to discover timeless places, gems of art, still laden with the mystical charm of bygone days.

From the plains to the hills, up to the first foothills of Bassa Valsesia, the area of Novara is an unravelling of trails, suitable for those taking their first steps or for more expert and demanding walkers. In particular, the area of Monte Fenera Park which slopes towards the hilly area has always attracted the attention of naturalists and hikers. Its trails, which vary both in terms of length and altitude difference, can be covered on foot, some also by bike, at any time of the year.

novara Ph. ATL Provincia Novara

Ph. ATL Provincia Novara