Between the Sesia and the vineyards of the Novara hills

Castellazzo Novarese (43,00 km)
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Between the Sesia and the vineyards of the Novara hills, visiting fortified areas and medieval castles in Carpignano Sesia, Ghemme, Proh and Castellazzo.

Departure is from Castellazzo Novarese (square with a car park). Take the SP 154 on the right, just outside the village, to reach Sillavengo. In the village take the road to Cascine Giannotti. Turn right onto the SP16 to Carpignano Sesia. In the village turn left after 1.5 km (500m before the bridge) towards Ghislarengo. Take the dirt road on the right and go along it until you reach the SP106 (asphalt road). Follow the SP106 on the left to Ghemme.
Cross Ghemme and exit onto the ring road; turn left and take the SP22 on the right. Go uphill along the road as far as Cascine Strona (7% gradient). Here turn right onto the dirt road that goes past the Fornace and arrives at Cascina Bergamina. From here, continue along the dirt road that follows the Strona stream and you will come to an intersection with the SP20 road that comes up from Fara.
Turn left and go along the SP20 for about 2 km.
Turn right and take the dirt road that remains flat for 3 km through the vineyards and then descends rapidly (downhill at a gradient of 10%) to the village of Proh; here, turn right and pass the railway crossing to intersect the SR299. Go along it to the left for 900m and turn right onto the SP14 to Castellazzo.

Points of interest

Ghemme - Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta: construction began in the mid-seventeenth century and was completed in the mid-eighteenth century. The interior preserves valuable masterpieces. Attached to the church is the Scurolo della Beata Panacea (1864-1875), which was a project  entrusted by Alessandro Antonelli, a native of Ghemme

Ghemme - Castello-Ricetto: with a rectangular  floorplan was built to defend the local populations from raids and incursions. The building was completed in the late fifteenth century. Today the complex preserves the ancient city walls of  4 meters high and 2 meters wide in the most colossal part. Several different buildings with arched windows, decorated with terracotta tiles

The Orientata delle Baragge Natural Reserve: established in 1992 to protect this particular area of nature , you can admire the Molina Cerulea, the grasses, evergreen shrubs and aquatic plants. There are also 167 beautiful species of birds, including the white and black stork, the lesser spotted woodpecker and the shrike capirossa. Foxes, hares and deer are often spotted

Sizzano – Cappella della Madonnina della Pace: the most recent sacred building built at Bergamina, which stands on the site where many partisans found refuge during the last world war

Briona-Proh - Rocchetta and Church of Santa Maria: in the midst of the green countryside of Novara there is the small 16th century fortification. Not far away is the Romanesque cell of Santa Maria which contains an important series of frescoes from the 15th century


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
28060 Castellazzo Novarese (NO)
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districts passed through
Briona, Carpignano Sesia, Castellazzo Novarese, Ghemme, Novara, Sillavengo
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