Invorio - Vergante - Gignese - Armeno

Invorio (41,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The departure point for this itinerary is in Invorio in viale Europa, near the parish church, where there is a large car park.

Ride along Viale Europa as far as the stop sign where you turn right and then immediately left along Via Marconi. At the next stop sign turn left again in the direction of Alto Vergante. Now continue downhill to the village of Ghevio. At the roundabout continue straight ahead, always in the direction of Alto Vergante: pass the village of Pisano and tackle the uphill road that will take you, with a short subsequent descent, to the village of Nebbiuno. Continue along the main road through the villages of Massino Visconti and Brovello Carpugnino. Once past the entrance to the A26 motorway, turn left and ride uphill, initially towards Vezzo and then Gignese. The route is quite challenging due to the high gradient of the climb. Once past the village of Gignese, the road flattens out and you continue along the ascents and descents in the direction of Sovazza. A steep descent leads to the motocross area of Armeno, crossing a bridge over the Ondella stream.

Continuing along the Strada delle due Riviere you cross the village of Armeno and descend towards Miasino. At the crossroads near Villa Nigra turn left towards Ameno and after a few metres turn left again uphill. Pass the castle of Miasino on your right and continue uphill until you reach Vacciago, where a short but steep descent towards the village of Lortallo awaits you. Continue downhill until reaching Bolzano Novarese. At the centre of the village turn left into Via Rimembranza and ride uphill to the cemetery and the beautiful church of San Martino. From the church of San Martino descend to Invorio. Once you have crossed the bridge over the Agogna stream, the road goes uphill next to a horse riding stables: at the roundabout keep left and after a short climb you will reach Invorio again, at the departure point.

Points of interest

Stages: Invorio, Ghevio, Pisano, Nebbiuno, Massino Visconti, Brovello Carpugnino, Vezzo, Gignese, Sovazza, Armeno, Miasino, Ameno, Bolzano Novarese

To see: the Church of S. Maria Assunta in Armeno and the ‘Museo dell’Ombrello e del Parasole’ in Gignese.


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
viale Europa
parcheggio nei pressi della chiesa parrocchiale
28045 Invorio (NO)
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districts passed through
Ameno, Armeno, Bolzano Novarese, Brovello-Carpugnino, Gignese, Invorio, Massino Visconti, Meina, Miasino, Nebbiuno, Pisano
Possible risks on the route
km on the state road:41
The trail towards Vezzo and then Gignese is quite challenging due to the high gradient of the climb.
Duration 1 - 3 hours
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