Stresa-Arona Ring

Stresa (41,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The starting point of the itinerary is Piazzale Lido in Stresa. 

We will cycle along viale Lido and turn left into main road 33 in the direction of Arona. A long flat section awaits, which runs along the banks of Lake Maggiore: we pass the town of Belgirate, Lesa and Meina to head towards Arona. At the end of Via Cantoni, we turn right following directions for Dagnente and the statue of San Carlo. The road climbs decisively, taking us to the colossus of San Carlo. We continue uphill, along via Verbano and at the first crossroads we keep to the right. We climb reaching the town of Dagnente: Now we descend in the direction of Ghevio: we pass the Motorway A26 and climb back up via Ghevio-Dagnente and then via Meina.

 At the stop, we turn right following the directions for Gignese. We pass the town of Pisano and tackle the uphill climb that will take us along a short downhill section to the town of Nebbiuno. 

We continue, always following the main road and crossing the towns of Massino Visconti and Brovello Carpugnino. Passed the entrance to the A26 motorway at the stop we turn right into via Gignese and descend in the direction of Stresa cycling on wide hairpin bends from where we can admire Lake Maggiore. 

Having arrived in Stresa, close to the underpass, follow directions for the railway station and the lake. Before long, we will find ourselves at the crossroads of viale Lido that we will cycle along until we reach the arrival point of our itinerary.


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Via De Martini, 34

28838 Stresa (VB)

+39 0323 31598

Points of interest
Stages: Stresa - Belgirate - Lesa - Meina - Arona - Dagnente - Ghevio - Pisano - Nebbiuno - Massino - Brovello.
To see: Lake Maggiore and the Borromeo Islands, the colossus of S. Carlo Borromeo in Arona.
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazzale Lido
28838 Stresa (VB)
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districts passed through
Arona, Belgirate, Brovello-Carpugnino, Lesa, Massino Visconti, Meina, Nebbiuno, Pisano, Stresa
Duration 1 - 3 hours
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