The Blue ring of Lake Orta

Gozzano (39,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

The departure point for this itinerary is in Gozzano, near the Lido di Buccione, where we can easily park our car.

We take via Canneti and continue along the path that runs alongside the lake and leads us to the hamlet of Lagna, alternating between stretches of dirt road and asphalt.

Once in Lagna, we pass the church of San Rocco on our right and continue turning left, crossing a small bridge until we reach the main road.

We turn right: a little further on near the hamlet of Prorio we can admire the ancient church of San Filiberto. We climb up behind the church, turn right along via Vignaccia and then continue straight ahead on the path. We reach the parish church of S. Albino: cross the bridge over the river Pellino and ride alongside the cemetery on our left to reach the car park.

Now we continue left towards Ronco Inferiore. Here the asphalt road ends, while on the left there is an old mule track (via Ronco Sopra) which, skirting the tiny cemetery, soon leads to the village of Ronco Superiore. Some uphill stretches may not be cyclable.

We pass the Oratory of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on our left and continue straight ahead at the next fork (left heads towards Colma).

We pass some isolated houses and at the next crossroads we keep to the left. We flank a few dry stone walls until we see a sharp right turn that descends. Again, some stretches may not be cycleable.

We follow the path downhill, cross the small bridge over the Qualba stream and climb up to the oratory of the Madonna della Neve in Valbai.

We descend as far as Oira near the church of S. Silvestro: in front of the church we turn left into via Gobo and when we reach an open space we turn left near the fountain: we ascend through the wood keeping to the right at the first fork on a non-cyclable stretch. Then we continue past a stream and, keeping to the left, we reach the houses of Brolo and then the provincial road.

We cross the road and continue uphill along via Colonia and then via Canton Sopra: we pass the parish church and turn right into via Lavatoio, reaching the provincial road again: we cross the road and descend to the right.

At the end of the asphalt road we take a downhill path. We turn left and continue on asphalt to reach via Erbera in Omegna. At this point we turn right into via Fucine and then right again into Passaggio Primo Maggio, crossing the small bridge over the Fiumetta stream.

We pass in front of the church of San Bernardino da Siena and turn right into via Rosselli. At the roundabout we turn left, still following via Rosselli. We continue alongside the lake until we reach the centre of Omegna in viale Garibaldi. Shortly after the bridge next to the town hall, we turn left following the footbridge over the Nigoglia and reach the Forum Park.

Leaving the Forum, we turn right into via Manzoni and then left, first following via Pacinotti and then via Repubblica. We pass the Omegna railway station on our right and continue to the village of Borca.

We reach the church of San Gottardo di Borca, where we take the path that goes up into the wood: we follow this path until we reach the first houses of Crabbia.

At the beginning of the asphalted road, turn left and go uphill along via ai Monti. The asphalted road turns into a path that enters the wood: some stretches may not be cyclable.

We keep to the right at the next fork and continue straight ahead downhill to the hamlet of Pratolungo near the church of the Madonna della Neve: here we turn right downhill along via Prea Grossa in the direction of Pettenasco.

We pass under the viaduct of the Novara-Domodossola railway line and turn left, crossing the bridge over the Pescone stream. Then we turn right in the direction of Carcegna.

Once we reach the centre of the village, near the church of S. Pietro, we take via alle Scuole: we descend to the right near a small wall and follow the path up to the steps that then climb up into the wood.

We turn left and continue uphill along the path that will lead us to the first houses of Miasino and near the fence wall of Villa Nigra.

Now we turn right and ride alongside the fence of the Villa: at the stop sign we turn right again downhill and continue on the asphalt road. After about one hundred metres we turn right downhill along a dirt road that after a few bends will lead us to Legro along via vecchia Miasino. We reach the railway station of Orta-Miasino and continue until we meet the "strada della Prisciola" which will lead us to the church of Santo Stefano in Corconio.

We pass below the church and following via Valle we continue between the houses of the village until we reach the beginning of the path on our left, with the indications for the Tower of Buccione.

We climb up along the path that runs along the ballast of the Novara-Domodossola railway line and reach the bridge over the railway line in via Cave: we turn right and continue on the asphalt road. Immediately after the bend to the left we take the dirt road that climbs towards Bolzano Novarese. Continue as far as via Colonico and turn right, going downhill as far as the crossroads with the main road SP 229 of Lake Orta.

Now we continue to the right and descend to Lido di Buccione along the dirt road of via Fransisca to reach the departure point of our itinerary.



Points of interest

Stages: Gozzano - San Maurizio d'Opaglio - Lagna - Pella - Ronco - Oira - Brolo - Omegna - Borca - Crabbia - Pratolungo - Pettenasco - Carcegna - Miasino - Legro - Corconio - Bolzano Novarese.

To see: The church of San Filiberto just before the village of Pella, the church of S.Pietro in Carcegna, the painted walls in the hamlet of Legro in Orta, the Buccione Tower.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
Lido di Buccione
28024 Gozzano (NO)
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districts passed through
Bolzano Novarese, Gozzano, Miasino, Nonio, Omegna, Orta San Giulio, Pella, Pettenasco, San Maurizio d'Opaglio
Possible risks on the route
km on the state road:23
Some stretches may not be cyclable
Duration 3 - 6 hours
Please note that the routes may include some sections where there is traffic.
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