On the Hills from Cavallirio and Boca

Cavallirio (9,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the plain of the municipal seat of Cavallirio, you proceed to the hills above, meeting the vineyards, the particular casotti of the vineyard and the remains of the Tower; having reached the vineyards of the Boca Doc and Cascina Montalbano, you arrive to the Shrine of the Santissimo Crocifisso to return, among vineyards and woods, back to the starting point again.

From the Town hall of Cavallirio, take Via San Gaudenzio to the junction with Via Partigiani and the start of trail no. 786; in the middle of the vineyards rise the Tre Madonnine, votive aedicules built around the mid-19th century, embellished by an unknown author. Continuing along the route you meet several cascinotti, typical constructions of the vineyards, of a modest size with one or two rooms divided into two floors. Used initially as storage space for tools and hay, they were later used as peasant dwellings. They were often distinguished from each other by a characteristic that indicated the name of the family.
Continuing on the itinerary, we reach La Torre, where the remains of a fortification dating to the 12th-13th century re-emerge, which dominates the town of Cavallirio and you have a wide view as far as Montalbano and Prato Sesia.
Continue, arriving at the Romanesque Church of San Gaudenzio and move onto trail 778; at the junction with the trail 793 go left (possibility to travel also a stretch of the bike route) and reach the Shrine of the Santissimo Crocifisso of BocaIt was built on the place where a small 17th century votive chapel stood, designed by Alessandro Antonelli an architect from Ghemme. It took a long time to build and was the object of various modifications during its construction, so much that his son Costanzo completed it. It is an imposing structure immersed in vineyards and still a destination of frequent pilgrimages

The itinerary goes on with the possibility to continue on the bike trail (784) arriving at Cascina del Buonumore, subject of an interesting conservation restoration work and immersed in the vineyards that produce Boca Doc. It is not uncommon here to come across vines cultivated using the “maggiorina" system, a special and traditional technique made by planting 3 or 4 vines very close at the centre of a square. The long shoots lengthen towards the cardinal points, supported by 8 wooden poles. This system is suited to growing vines on sloping ground and often beaten by strong winds; the excessive weight of the bunches could make the poles fall with the consequent collapse of the vineyard. The maggiorina limits this risk, preserving the rest of the vineyard. 

Proceed on trails 784 and 785 until you return to the starting point in Cavallirio.

Points of interest

Cavallirio - Tre Madonnine

Cavallirio - Casotti della Vigna

Cavallirio - La Torre

Boca - Romanesque Church of San Gaudenzio (cemetry)

Boca - Shrine of the Santissimo Crocifisso

Cavallirio - Cascina del Buonumore

Other information

Recommended period: spring - autumn
Historical interest: Yes
Devotional interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Provinces crossed: Novara

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
via Ranzini, 4
Davanti al Municipio
28010 Cavallirio (NO)
via Ranzini, 4
28010 Cavallirio (NO)

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