The province of Turin

Along the Po

Racconigi (122,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

Some stretches of the Po, as with many large European rivers, have some fascinating trips by bicycle which have been individualised  and can be divided into several stages, allowing you to reach the most interesting places from a naturalistic and scenic  point of view, as well as for the architectural and artistic beauties that dot the territory, without ever straying too from the river. In addition to the main route, other secondary routes have been identified, encouraging you to deepen your knowledge of the Parco del Po Torinese and of the brand  "Po Confluenze Nord Ovest" . The itineraries are also linked to the cycling routes of the province of Turin: the Pinerolese, Sangone, Dora Riparia, Stura di Lanzo and Dora Baltea cycle routes. The main route can be covered in four daily stages, each an average of 30 km long, starting and ending at a train station.


Points of interest

Stage  n. 1: "Il Po dei Laghi", from Racconigi to Moncalieri or viceversa (41,2 km)

Stage n. 2: "Il Po dei Re", from Moncalieri to Settimo Torinese or viceversa (22 km)

Stage n. 3: "Il Po delle Colline 1", from Settimo Torinese to Chivasso or viceversa (27 km)

Stage n. 4: "Il Po delle Colline 2", from Chivasso to Crescentino or viceversa (32,4 km).


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12035 Racconigi (CN)
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districts passed through
Crescentino, Racconigi
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