The province of Turin

Strada delle Mele

Pinerolo (58,00 km)
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A circuit  of 63 km through the fruit territories of one of the most fertile and fascinating agricultural districts of our region.

From Pinerolo we head towards Baudenasca. Turning left before the church of the hamlet, you reach Macello. From here continue to Garzigliana. From the village, follow the signs for Cavour and after crossing the SP 589, turn right (signs for the Cà del Buc restaurant) towards the hamlet of Gemerello. From here continue towards the hamlet of Babano and then, following Via Macello, you reach Cavour. From here continue to Bibiana, turning right into Via Pellengo before the town. Once in Fenile and taking Via S. Michele, continue to Bricherasio, turning left onto Via Giaire and continuing towards the bridge of the old railway. At Cappella Moreri, turn left and then immediately right. At the crossroads with Via Godino Delio, turn left and then right into Via Pascoli. Continue on Via Airali Sup., then on Via Biscaretti and Via Cardonata. From here turn right and continue towards Pinerolo


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
10064 Pinerolo (TO)
districts passed through
Bibiana, Bricherasio, Cavour, Garzigliana, Macello, Pinerolo
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